It’s time for a Cruise!

Does your imagination take you to the nearby beaches of the Caribbean, Mexico, or the dramatic coastlines of Alaska? We have great offers for some of the best values in cruises available. A cruise is an excellent way to enjoy a few new destinations at a time, visiting port after port, enjoying different islands or cities. Explore the variety in cruises available, and then lock in your plans for a great cruise vacation!

A travel agent may have access to cruise space that is no longer available to the general public through negotiated block space. To discover the latest specials, please email us for a quote. Contact us today for group only specials!

When Is The Best Time to Cruise?

Factors that Affect Cruise Price and Availability

  • “Newness” of the ship.  New ships usually come with “new” demand and a higher price.
  • Season – summer is usually a big season and winter is usually slower
  • The “other” season … Hurricane season tends to have lower prices.  If you are concerned, take out travel protection.
  • Holidays?  Everybody wants to be on a cruise where it’s warm at Christmas.  And most other holidays are busy too, even Columbus Day.
  • Typically, the more affordable cabins sell first in each category.  The later you book, the higher the category you may have to purchase to find availability.
  • Remaining available cabins.  As cabins are sold, the price increases on the remaining cabins.

What is the difference between Cruise Lines?

There are many differences between the various cruise lines.  How do you know which one is right for you?  Talk to us; we have experienced most of the major cruise lines and would be happy to help you find the perfect cruise line for your next journey.

View of the sunset from a cruise ship