Travel Document that You Might Need

Birth Certificates

If a birth certificate is needed, it must be an official government issued birth certificate.  Photocopies and hospital certificates are not acceptable.  You can obtain an official copy by contacting your state’s Vital Statistics office.  For Kentucky residents, visit here or download this form.  The cost is $10 per certificate.

Passports and Passport Cardspassport

For travel outside the United States or its territories, most people will need the traditional Passport or the new Passport Card.  You may visit the  US Department of State’s web page for the fine print about passports and application process.  A good resource for questions is their FAQ page.  If you are taking a cruise, there may be an exception, view the Customs and Border Protection website and review their “closed loop” cruise page. A passport is highly recommended for all international travel, even for “closed loop” cruises.

  • The Passport is currently required for all international airline travel.  A passport cost $135 for adults and $105 for youth under the age of sixteen.  Even infants must have proper documentation.
  • Effective June 1, 2009, a Passport or the Passport Card is required to cross the border by foot or by car.  The adult Passport Card cost $55; youth Passport Card cost $40.  Passport cards are only valid for cruises to certain countries from USA, driving or walking across Mexican or Canadian borders.  To fly internationally anywhere outside the USA, you must have the “full” passport book.

What do you do when you lose your passport while traveling?  It’s always best to travel with an extra set of passport photos and a color copy of your first two pages of your current passport; these will expedite your trip to the US Embassy.  You’ll have to have a replacement before you come home.  It’s better to go prepared for the worst.  More details about replacing a lost/stolen passport can be found on the Dept of State’s webpage. Remember that packing tip to have a backup copy of your passport?  That would come in real handy if you should lose your passport.


Traveling to a foreign country doesn’t have to be difficult.  We can help make it easy for you.  A great resources is theDepartment of State’s International Travel site.  The site includes a great deal of country specific information including descriptions, exit/entry requirements, safety and security concerns, crime, medical facilities, medical insurance, traffic safety and road conditions, aviation safety oversight, criminal penalties, children’s issues and Embassy locations and registration requirements.  Some countries require special permission to visit in addition to your passport; these VISA’s are required for admittance to certain countries.  At the website above, you can search the countries that you will visit for specific entry requirements.