Cruise Reminders

Tidbits – Last Minute Reminders

Below are a few links to information that will make your planning easier. Most of the information is from a ship inspection of the Fascination in August 2008.  The information below is just for planning guidelines.  Pricing and availability may have changed prior to your upcoming cruise.  Once you have boarded, you may verify current pricing and availability.

12 Steps to Wellness While TravelingSpa Treatments – Sessions at the spa will fill quickly.  If you are interested in reserving a time, please make these reservations soon after boarding.  From the price list, you can see there are savings on spa treatments completed on the days that the ship is in one of the ports.

Soda Program – During your cruise, sodas are not included in your cruise fare.  They are available for purchase.  Carnival also offers an adult and child “Soda” program which offers unlimited sodas from the day purchased until the end of your cruise.  The cost of the card/sticker depends upon which day you purchase the plan.  It will cost more on the first day of the cruise than the middle of the cruise. FYI:  The sodas placed in your cabin are not free.  If you drink these, they will be charged to your cabin account and replenished.  The sodas in your cabin are not part of the “Soda” program.  You will pay for these sodas if you drink them regardless of the purchase of the “Soda” plan.

Prepaid Gratuities – For your convenience, we suggest that prepaid gratuities be included in your initial reservation.  You will receive a letter in your cabin that looks similar to this during your cruise.  These gratuities (in the amount of $10+ per person per night) have been prepaid.  Gratuities have not been included for the Head Maitre’d. At your discretion, you may acknowledge their hard work during your last night’s formal dinner.  Gratuities have not been added for room service or purchases made at the lounges or bars.  These will be your responsibility and probably automatically added to your bill.

Shopping Guides  While on board, an informative session will be held to help you learn about shopping in our two ports.  We encourage you to attend these sessions as they gave away some great prizes to the audience.  U.S. currency and traveler’s checks are accepted at most ports of call (naturally Key West).  Store owners will honor most credit cards but personal checks aren’t usually accepted.

Valet Services including washing and ironing (irons are not permitted to be brought on board by passengers)

Some final suggestions….

  • Bring a hairdryer and an alarm clock if you will need one; they may not be provided.
  • Bring lots digital camera cards; they are expensive to purchase on board.  The photo station on the ship may can unload your storage card to a compact disc.
  • Bring a small extension cord or a multi-plug.  There will only be two electrical plugs in your cabin; one of these is in the bathroom.  If you need to plug in multiple things, you will need more outlets.
  • Be aware of your cell phone if you bring it.  Most carriers charge a hefty premium for calls on cruise ships and in international destinations.  Check with your carrier if you plan on using your phone while on the cruise.  If you leave your phone on and someone calls you, you will be responsible for the international charges even if you do not answer your phone.  Also be aware of text messages if you receive them; they cost extra too.  We suggest you turn your phone off unless you need to make a call.  If you need to be reached while on a Carnival Cruise, you can be reached by calling 1-877-225-7447.  This is not a cheap call; it is about $9.50 per minute.   The caller will need your last name and the ship’s name  on which you are are sailing.
  • Make a copy of all important documents like driver’s license, passport, credit cards, birth certificate, etc that you will be bringing with you.  Leave one copy at home with someone you could call in case of an emergency.  Take an additional copy with you in your carry-on items.
  • Do not pack anything that cannot be replaced in your luggage that you turn over in the parking lot.  Carry on board with you all medicine and valuables.
  • Most people WAY OVER pack for their cruise.  The days are mostly casual.  There may be a “formal” night on your cruise if you enjoy dressing to the “nines,” but you will see others still dressed appropriately but not in tuxedos and cocktail dresses.  For more clarification on the expectation of the dress code, please give us a call