General Travel Topics

Booking Form – This is our standard document for booking most forms of travel with our agency.  The form list the questions that we will be asking you during the booking process and also includes the necessary signatures.

Driving Directions – Online driving directions can be tricky or downright inaccurate.  The best resource is an atlas or map of your destination.

FlightsFlights – Tips and suggestions for navigating the airports.

Healthy Travel – Visit CDC’s Travelers’ Health Website to learn about any disease risks and health recommendations for areas you plan to visit.  CDC Travel Notices.  Also see these wellness tips.


Home Safety – Keeping It Safe in Your Absence

LuggageMoney Safety

Packing Hints and Suggestions

Travel Protection Insurance We highly recommend travel protection for your journeys.  Its the usually the unexpected things that put our dreams in jeopardy…weather, illness or delays.  Travel protection can protect your travel investment and allow you to save the dream drip.  From the link, you can price your own travel protection, or you can contact Travels Unlimited and we can prepare a no-obligation custom quote for your trip.

Weather – Knowing the weather for your trip is critical in being prepared.  It affects your packing, clothes, itinerary and transportation.  See what the historical weather has been for your location at this site.  

Welcome Home – If you have traveled with us, we hope you will take this opportunity to complete our survey so that we may improve our services.

International Travel

Great Wall of China

Cruise Specific Reminders and Packing for a Cruise

Currency Exchange Rates – When traveling to another country, knowing the exchange rate is critical.  The Exchange Rate explains how the US dollar is transfers into another country’s currency.  Rarely is this a one for one exchange.  This cheat sheet will give you an idea of the value of a US dollar in another country’s currency. A relatively new Mexican law limits the ability of USA citizens to spend

American Dollars in Mexico as a cash transaction; credit cards still work fine.  You may need some Mexican Pesos for your transaction within Mexico.  Ask us for more details.

Department of State Destination Website
What do you need to visit that country?  This is an excellent site to learn about travel requirements for countries around the world.

Game – How Well Do You Know the World?

Time Zones – The current time in some of our favorite locations.

Travel Documents (birth certificates, Passports, Visas)
Cruise only passengers departing and returning from an United States port (closed loop cruise) may not require a passport; verify your need for a passport by seeing what countries allow for sailing without a passport here.  Our Passport FAQ

United States’ Embassies – This link contains a list of the US Embassies and Consulates around the world.  They can recommend the “best” hospitals, clinics and provide valuable travel assistance in emergencies.  It’s a good idea to also register your international travel  plans with the local embassy; register here.